Confidentiality and Editorial Agreement


This Confidentiality and Editorial Agreement is entered into effective immediately between VictoryLife House and anyone sharing a testimonial or personal story for reasons to have the submitter's testimonial or personal story published on the VictoryLife House web site.

1) VictoryLife House will post your story anonymously to only include your first and last initial and City and State in which you reside.

2) VictoryLife House will review, edit, and make corrections to your story if required for grammatical ease of reading.

3) VictoryLife House will not give consideration to foul language, inappropriate details, or personal names of real people within your story, and will automatically discard any such submissions.

4) You agree to work with VictoryLife House in the editing process if your story in chosen to be published on our web site.

5) You agree to these terms when you have read these terms and agree to them prior to sending VictoryLife House your story.

In return, VictoryLife House, at its discretion, may or may not post your survivor story on our Web site.


If we choose to share your story, this is in no way an offer for employment, monetary compensation, or a personal endorsement of you, your organization or your affiliates or advertisers.

VictoryLife House will not sell, reproduce, copy, distribute or disclose your story unless we contact you and you agree in writing beforehand.

VictoryLife House will not share your personal contact information, your real name or location unless specifically ordered by court order. 

This agreement is effective immediately.