Percell St. Thomass

Dance Kinesis Instructor

Your life through dance!

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Harrison County, Mississippi




About the Service

DanceKinesis is the tried and proven world-class body, movement and dance training system created from the needs and desires of social and professional dancers worldwide. DanceKinesis turns the body's natural movement into dance, rather than forcing the body to dance through an ideology of prescribed steps, patterns and rule. Technique is then applied to natural movement only to maintain and control the rhythm, timing and styling of each dance.

Designed specifically for Ballroom and Latin dance, DanceKinesis uses the 7 Laws of Natural Movement and the 2 Natural Laws of Energy to teach the body how to create and shape movement within a specified time and space. Not only does this change the way we move, it completely changes traditional concepts of lead and follow, how we listen to music, and hear rhythms. Over the past 25 years, we have set out not to prove our program, but to disprove it. Our finding? DanceKinesis works!


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