Julian Parker

Dance Instructor

Healing - The power of dance!

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(704) 995-1978


Mecklenburg County, North Carolina




20 mile radius from my home is regular price. 21-40 miles away includes the upcharge.

About the Service

20 years in the professional dance world has allowed me to perform at the Knight's Theater, the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center accompanied by the Charlotte Symphony, the Mint Museum, Italian/Greek/Latin festivals AND several local charity events including Dancing with the Stars, Dancing in the Clover (4H) and various assisted living and retirement centers!

​I like to teach the ballroom and Latin dances as well as the Argentine Tango. Pick the music you enjoy moving to, and I will teach the style of dance that flows with it.

​Having participated in many dance competitions and winning several titles, if you'd like to train for competition, I can help you achieve that dream. Or just teach you the elements of social dancing which can be super rewarding. There is a lot to take away from learning to dance: cardio, exercise/movement in general, great for communicating and learning to trust a partner, and good for the soul. To me, life is just better when you dance!


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