Thinking Habits

MJ: How are thinking habits formed?

Percell: For example, a person might say, “One day, I’m going to be president of the company”. Before continuing, stop here; reread the quote, and, try to find what is wrong with it.

Superficially, there is nothing wrong with that statement. To her, it expresses desire. To others, it expresses a goal that she is working toward. To a psychologist, it has trapped her in a sponsoring thought of ‘always getting there, but never achieving’. The thought is that she wants to be president of the company, but the ‘Sponsoring Thought’ is that it could happen “one day [if]….” Another example is if you were to say, “Oh God! I am so broke. I need more money”.

Of course, in a casual and everyday manner this is a completely acceptable statement. However, the subconscious mind has no sense of humor. It can and will, without thought or judgment, only do that which is fed into it. This is how habits are formed. If we feed something positive into the subconscious, it will later and always ‘subconsciously’ do whatever it was given. If we feed something negative into it, it will create a negative habit. Such things are often passed off with sayings such as, “Well, that’s just the way I am”. Now, you might see how although you consciously knew that you were simply venting about a lack of funds, your subconscious heard the sponsoring thoughts, “I’m broke” and “I need”, and it began immediately manifesting a sense of both in your life.

The cure is to be always vigilant of your Sponsoring Thoughts. Always feel, think, and most importantly, speak from a sense of high self-esteem and high regard, and the subconscious mind will immediately begin manifesting the same into your life. This is not opinion, it is Law.


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