Personality Tests

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

MJ: I have a fascination with personality tests. Perhaps this even falls into a particular personality trait! For me, they seem to be spot-on no matter when I take them. Many women feel their “picker” is broken after traumatic relationships and doubt their ability to find contentment with a new man. When thinking of dating, instead of looking at photos and judging that person on looks alone, would knowing a personality trait before looking at photos make any sense? Do you consider these tests foolishness and a waste of time or is there something to them?

Percell: Know this. Each person has as many personalities as the number of persons whom they know. If someone whom we are in love with tells a joke, we might laugh out loud. If someone whom we dislike very much tells the same joke, we might make a face, and find it annoying. If we are in the company of persons whom we like, we might be very pleasant and seen as a fun-loving person. If someone in that group were one whom we did not like, we might not be as friendly toward him/her and be thought of as a total jerk by that person. So, which personality would come out on the test? Which would be correct? I think that these tests –the real ones, might be good for generalizing what types of persons typically do what types of things, for example. But other than that, the only true test of one’s personality is to assess the person whom you are, and realize that we all have multiple personalities.


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