It's my parent's fault!

MJ: I am sure childhood experiences impact our future if we don’t know that our “child-like” thinking is just that and needs to be changed. What are your thoughts between continuing to blame those in our past and taking responsibility now as an adult?

Percell: I know that many counselors / therapists / psychologists like to go immediately to the “I am this way because of my childhood” thing, but that’s not me. I acknowledge completely the affects of childhood on adulthood, but I will not allow persons to use childhood as an excuse for not consciously being an adult. I mean, if you know better… do better.

If you did not like something as a child, do not become or create that as an adult. Be or create the opposite. If you do not know how to do these things, that is a different situation. There are specialists whom can help. Again, be an adult; seek them out.

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