Finding Love

MJ: Many women come out of abusive relationships struggling with the thought that they will never "find" love. In your opinion, Percell, where can one find love? Percell: At “Living Your Grandest Desire”, we have learned that all of Life is based on two great energies…two great powers: Love and the opposite of Love. Firstly, we are not speaking of the type of love that we hear of everyday in song or read of in Hallmark cards. We are not speaking of the kind of love expressed in the words, “I love that place/car/dress/color….”, or, even, “I love you”. Sadly, the love expressed here is so overused and trivialized that it has lost almost all of its true meaning. We are referring to the Love of the Absolute… the Love of Life… the Love that Is All Things. MJ: I'm a little confused. Are you saying then, that one must believe or come into oneness with the Divine in order to "find" love, OR that love is already a part of who we are when we are born based on the two great powers? Scripture (and C. S. Lewis) would have us believe that there are four kinds of love: Romantic, Affection, Friendship and Charity (Agape). Perhaps without acceptance of the Agape love, we cannot truly express the other types? Could you break it down a bit more for me, please? Percell: My above response probably should not have been so truncated. It is a preface to say that in order for one to truly find love, the first step is to understand love, and then to be love. We must understand that true love is firstly the acceptance of and attraction of something to us, and secondly our attraction to the something / someone. Most often, we see it as exactly the opposite. When something / someone no longer pleases us, we lose love for it / them. I am not of the four Loves concept ; I subscribe that there are only three; eros (love of romance), philos (love of friendship/acceptance), and Agape (love of God).


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