Feelings verses Emotions

Updated: Jul 5

MJ: What is the difference between a feeling and an emotion?

Percell: Mankind only has two emotions: Love and Fear. They are innate by creation, and therefore cannot be foreseen or controlled. We love, that is to be attracted to or draw to us, or we fear, meaning to repel from or push away from us. For example, we might love someone and have no logical reason as to why.

On the other hand, we have many feelings; afraid, angry, happy, sad, complacent, etc. All of these things are also innate, but not of Divine or Life creation, but of our own creation/s. We consciously (and, yes, sub-consciously is still a conscious act), create these feelings. For example, we can simply decide whether to be angry or not about something, or how funny something is (does it merit a giggle or full belly-laugh). And this is why it is important to know the difference. Emotions cannot be controlled; feelings can.

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