Fear as a warning?

MJ: Can we look at fear as a normal warning as well as an opportunity for a reality check?

Percell: Given the new understanding of Fear, yes, but only within that context. We must remain always vigilant that we are not succumbing to Fear, the Life emotion, or confusing it with being afraid, the human feeling. As long as we are operating from the complete understanding of Love over Fear, that is that we are wholly and completely seeking to attract to us only that which we truly desire, then Fear can be a good and welcomed thing, and could guide us well. The problem is that we more often forego Love over Fear, and approach life not from what we wholly and completely seek and truly desire, but from what is happening to us, and whether we are getting what we want. This completely changes the focus and meanings of lives from the Law of Attraction which comes from giving to the feeling of self-fulfillment (getting). This begins a grand downward spiral into other questions which you have asked because it inherently roadblocks the two other essential Laws of Life.

Please understand that I am not suggesting that we should not have or pay attention to feelings of taking care of ourselves and looking out for our own self-interests and well-beings. I am adamantly stating that there is a right and wrong way to do it, and very often, we harm ourselves when no harm has come to us, or harm ourselves worse when harm has come to us, by not knowing how to properly address the Fear and feelings that life sometimes brings.


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