Definition of Love

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

MJ: I argue that the Bible is a compilation of writings explaining God’s love to his creation, for it is written, “God is love.” What are your thoughts on this?

Percell: By definition, this is the magnetic force that draws all things unto themselves and each other. It is what is meant by terms such as, “Love of Life”, “Love of God”, and “Law of Attraction”. Put simply, Love, by its divine and inherent nature, draws all things to it. Consider that to love someone is not give something to, but to draw something in. Once we understand this, we better understand such Biblical phrases as “God is Love”, “I am that I Am”, “No one comes to the Father but by Me”, and others; how they relate, interrelate, and co-define each other. We even understand why the Big Bang theory of evolution is a moot point, because, even though it happened, it still falls directly under very the definition of Love. In my humble opinion, this proves that it and God are One in the Same.


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