Combating Sensory Overload

MJ: Assuming a woman leaves a man with whom she is now in fear, what sensory overload might she be experiencing and how can she keep things in perspective? How can she keep sane?

Percell: The sensory overload can be immense. She is not only dealing with the mental barrage of good thoughts, bad thoughts, thoughts of uncertainties and doubts, but she is also dealing with the emotional waterfall of fear. Of course, this is fear of the undesired and unknown. Lastly, the emotion brings with it an entourage of feelings; anxiety, sadness, nervousness, anger, and others.

How does one keep things in perspective? It seems so frivolous, for lack of a better word, to say, “Man up!”, or in this case, “Woman up!”, “Buck up”, “Get it together”, and the like.

Everything in this blog interview, though, answers this question. It is so fundamentally important that we cultivate ourselves to be good and whole persons throughout our lives so that when we face adversities, we do not crumble. We will certainly lose a few along the way, but we do not have to be lesser persons through it or for it. I always say that we must work on our MEPS everyday… our Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual well-beings in order to be the types of persons whom we wish to be, and to have the types of lives that we truly desire.


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