Children and Abandonment

MJ: What are forms of abandonment for children? Are there any warning signs?

Percell: Some professionals in the field say that there are only four types of abandonment; I like to say that there are six.

1. Parental Neglect: when the adult responsible for a child either fails to keep the child from harm.

2. Physical Neglect: when a child's basic physical needs (i.e. food, shelter, clothing, etc.) are not being met.

3. Emotional neglect: when a child is deprived of emotional needs (a happy childhood, feeling of love and security, positive role models and adult attachments, etc.).

4. Environmental Neglect: (Possibly related to others), when a child’s home is inadequate / sub-par so as to not afford a healthy, constructive, and comfortable environment.

5. Educational Neglect: when a child is not given a proper education (establishment or home-schooled), and prepared to be able to live adequately, comfortably, and productively within society.

6. Spiritual Neglect: when a child’s psychological / emotional well-being is not nurtured and nourished. (different from Emotional Neglect)

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