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Dream Wide Awake: Your Self-Empowerment Guide for Shifting from Balance to Synergy and Daydreaming to Dream Doing

"I was both touched and honored when MJ, who was so inspired by my workbook after obtaining it herself, reached to to me to inquire about adding its teaching to her curriculum!"



Sherré turned the concept of Work/Life Balance upside down and inside out when she introduced the idea of Synergy and honoring the three aspects of you in Me, Myself & Inc. Now, ten years later, she has brought an empowering process to knowing your WHY and how to embrace it and flourish through living it with total clarity and impassioned purpose. Her process in Dream Wide Awake is both common sense and brilliant in helping you unleash your inner wisdom and breathe renewed life into what you were meant to be doing." says Gail Z. Martin, author of Fresh Start Success: Reinvent Your Work, Reimagine Your Life, Reignite Your Passion

Do you know your WHY? Do you know the difference you were meant to make in this world? Do you wish you knew what makes you uniquely YOU and how it can be at the heart of everything you do for the greater good of everyone around you? Nationally acclaimed author of Me, Myself & Inc., Sherré DeMao created this Dream Wide Awake workbook to help you embrace your power, get out of your own way, and eliminate the word "can't" from your vocabulary. You CAN be empowered to live your ultimate life NOW. You will be expertly guided to explore yourself in ways that will bring clarity and many aha's along the way. You will be inspired to take action to be all that you were meant to be for others and for the world!

"Your divine purpose is awaiting discovery and clarity. Now is the time to know it, embrace it, and live it!" - Sherré DeMao


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