Thank you for stopping by this page! You are reading this because you want to help! We love that!

Currently our needs are simple. Because we are looking for our first property to call home, the needs of the house are not yet known.


To find the right house is our first step in a long to-do list.

However, there is still work to be done in the background! We would love volunteers to help out in the following areas:

Would you like to anonymously share your story? You could send us your personal victim to victor story!

Are you more comfortable vocalizing your story? Send us your recording!

Are you part journalist, part blogger, part I want to save the world crusader? Would you like to cast a light on the darkness of domestic violence happening around the world? Our nation? Our state? Our town? We’d like to chat with you!

Do you enjoy organizing charity events for great causes for the sheer challenge of the sport? We might be right up your alley!

Would you like to connect on LinkedIn and share our #Healing Hearts posts? Please do!

Would you like to start a funding campaign to help keep our future down payment growing? Let’s talk!

Do you need a speaker for an event? I could share my story!

Do you have experience in the pastoral, mental health, health & wellness, life coach, or legal/financial professional realm? You could be a facilitator at our weekly Life After Abuse support group! Let's meet!

Would you like to be an affiliate who is willing to donate a percentage of revenue for customers gained through our web site? Check out our Partner page and let us know!

We are options oriented and, as we grow, we see no limits. Perhaps you have experienced domestic violence or know someone who has or has even lost her life because of it. VictoryLife House wants to create the space that will allow for a renewed understanding of options for survivors. We will do that by supporting their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs every second they are with us. They have much to overcome, and much work is required of them to find their own peace.

Scripture tells us it is more blessed to give than to receive. If you are looking for a specific dollar amount to give, my suggestion is to give as you feel led. No amount is truly too small or too large. We want you to be comfortable in your giving.

So, you may bless VictoryLife House with money to do with as we need through our Donate button. You may bless a young lady in the future with the Amazon Wish List below. You may also bless VictoryLife House by utilizing AmazonSmile, PayPal Giving, Ebay and TravelSmiles as your favorite charity. You pick and choose where your money, time and talent lead you!

We love your heart to help and will receive with joy all that you offer, and thank you!

MJ Vess, Founder

If you are purchasing a beauty product or a gift basket for one of our survivors, please let us know at the time of order. We will have their wish list posted soon!


Buy from our WISH LIST and our ladies will receive

your specially chosen gift!


Amazon also donates a portion of all of your purchases BACK to our charity! So make          VictoryLife House

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Help build confidence by sharing your talents!

Are you a seamstress? Chef? Interior decorator? Dance instructor? Maybe an artist who likes to teach?

You can donate your time and skills and give a woman the courage to try new ways of expressing herself!