Thank you for stopping by this page! You are reading this because you want to help! We love that!


We would love volunteers to help out in the following areas:


Would you like to anonymously share your story? You could send us your personal victim to victor story! (Hit the email icon below, and let us know!)

Are you more comfortable vocalizing your story? Send us your recording!

Are you a teacher who wants to help survivors come into the light of our beautiful world and leave the darkness of domestic violence trauma? We’d like to chat with you! (Call, text, write - we are easy to connect with!)

Do you enjoy organizing charity events for great causes for the sheer challenge of the sport? We might be right up your alley!

Would you like to connect on LinkedIn or FaceBook and share VictoryLife House updates with others? Please do!

Would you like to advertise on our site to offer your services or classes to our girls? Let’s talk!

Do you need a speaker for an event? I could share my story!

Scripture tells us it is more blessed to give than to receive. If you are looking for a specific dollar amount to give, my suggestion is to give as you feel led. No amount is truly too small or too large. We want you to be comfortable in your giving.


- $ donation of any amount (donate button, PayPal, check, Zelle)!

- Choose VictoryLife House as your charity of choice and shop AmazonSmile, and Amazon will donate a small percentage to us!

- Ebay has a charity component as well!

- PayPal Giving offers a no fee donation opportunity!

- TravelSmiles gives VictoryLife House a small percentage back if you book your travels through them and choose us as your charity of choice!

- Name VictoryLife House as a beneficiary!

You pick and choose where your money, time and talent lead you!

We love your heart to help and will receive with joy all that you offer, and thank you!

MJ Vess, Founder

Thank You Volunteers!