W. Stephen Varnedoe, Jr., CPA, Treasurer

"From the first time I heard about VictoryLife House, I wanted to support the vision. Having worked on other nonprofit boards and with my CPA background, it was an easy YES when MJ approached me about volunteering for the Treasurer position."

Bob Sheppard

"God has done so much for me that I wanted to give back. I have felt compelled to get involved in something and this opportunity presented itself to me as the right thing to do."

George Gilbert, Advisor-Managing Director at Carolina Asset Management


George is a native of Charlotte and resides in his hometown of Belmont, NC.  He worked as a police officer for six years and has always taken pride in helping his community. 


He has served in the financial industry for the past 11 years and is an Advisor and Managing Director at Carolina Asset Management, a local Financial Planning Firm. George is proud to align with a firm that shares his beliefs and passion for helping, not only their clients, but other financial professionals achieve their mission. 



"With my background, I know that VictoryLife House is a desperately needed charitable organization, and one I am proud to support."

John Lloyd


"I've lived in the Charlotte area for the last five years. Originally from Hampton, SC. As the youngest child of a domestic abuse survivor, I immediately saw the vision of VictoryLife House and knew the organization and Founder, MJ, had a heart to help people and change lives for the better. My goal is to continually use my skill set and efforts to contribute toward VictoryLife House's vision: helping those affected by domestic violence achieve Victory over their lives, and help create meaningful change in our community."

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"Through a Therapist's Eyes" 

An interview with MJ

Margie Jo (MJ) Vess, Director


"In November 2016, the Lord put on my heart the blueprint that would eventually be VictoryLife House. What was my vision? An educational resource center for other women coming out of domestic violence where they could learn the answer to their Now What question. In December 2017, I remembered what kind of "nest" I needed at that pivotal time in my life and purposed it in my heart to give others the same. I am the Founder & Chairman of VIctoryLife House, and 100% dedicated to the success of the high calling on my life."