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victorylife house victim survivor domestic violence intimate partner nation DV overcomer solopreneur founder nonprofit charity north carolina abuse

resources for men only

victorylife house victim survivor domestic violence intimate partner nation DV overcomer solopreneur founder nonprofit charity north carolina abuse

VLH is providing resources for men from professional men who want to help navigate your "Now What?" questions after either having been abused or having used violence against others.

Have you been through a traumatic marriage and are now divorced? Wondering what the heck happened to your dreams? Wondering if you can trust yourself or someone else again? Please reach out to these men who have been there. They understand. They want to help.

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North Carolina


victorylife house victim survivor domestic violence intimate partner nation DV overcomer solopreneur founder nonprofit charity north carolina abuse



Rod Arters

With experience as a professional youth worker, business owner, school teacher, coach, inmate, parent and divorcee, Rod has the unique ability to relate to almost anyone in whatever situation they are in.  His thought-provoking blog about life, mistakes, faith, hope & grace has now been read in over 175 countries with his articles translated in several languages.  A popular writer & sought after speaker, Rod draws from his deep well of biblical knowledge, life-experience and personal pain to encourage others along the broken journey to wholeness. He hosts a private, invitation-only Facebook group for men (called Brothers Keeper) and enjoys helping others find Hope in the midst of their painful situations.  You can follow his work on his blog (, Facebook (Rod Arters, Writer) or Twitter (@rodarters). The best way to reach him: He has three children and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.


Chris Gazdik, LCSW

Chris is an energetic and passionate therapist. He is a licensed clinical social worker with a former certification in alcohol, tobacco, and other drug treatment. He has over 20 years of experience. This vast experience includes work in many settings (inpatient hospitals, public mental health clinics, crisis units, and outpatient offices. Chris works with all ages and couples. In treatment, he uses an individualized approach that enhances his fundamental application of cognitive-behavioral techniques and other theoretical approaches. Chris's office in Mount Holly, NC, near Charlotte. You can reach Chris at:

Dr. Damon Silas

Dr. Damon Silas is a Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Author and Speaker. He is a coach with Collaborative Solutions Group. He is also the co-founder of Tipping Point Wellness, which creates custom programs for people desiring to make powerful and holistic changes to and for themselves. Dr. Silas specializes in trauma and PTSD, as well as working with males and the marginalized. Dr. Silas is the author of the book entitled From Mourning To Knight: Overcoming Loss, chronicling the losses he has experienced in his life, how he has worked through these losses, and how he has helped his patients through their own struggles and difficulties. He also has authored a follow-up book entitled What’s Your ACTION Plan? 6 Powerful Ways To Get Unstuck In Your Life Now, which details ways to help those who feel stuck in their lives take their next steps forward. His podcast, entitled “From Mourning To Action: Powerfully Working Through Loss,” is all about giving hope to people as they cope through their losses. His newest podcast and radio venture is entitled "A Mental Health Mixtape," and can be found on iHeart Radio through WDRB and Spreaker. He received his BS in psychology from Howard University, and his Doctoral degree from The George Washington University. He completed his internship at the Children's Psychiatric Center in Miami, FL. Dr. Silas is a board member of The Barbershop Group, specializing in mental health for men; and is also a board member for Queen City Unity, an organization dedicated to equity and equality for all in Charlotte.



Percell Rivere St. Thomass

Percell is a degreed psychologist, coach, and counselor with a concentration in spiritual wellness. His MEPS (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual) holistic program has been internationally sought after for over two decades. His work with the three primary natural laws of life, cognitive behavioral therapy, Hawai'ian ho'oponopono, and wellness of the mind, has made him an accomplished author and keynote speaker in five languages and to all ages. I live… talk, teach, and coach the Laws of Life with a well earned degree and a better earned and renewed knowledge and vigor based on a lifetime of born wisdom and experiences, both of silver spoons and hard knocks, on and off the path. It is my given, driven, and continued purpose and happiness to bring as many as I may to this knowledge. Percell 's message is, "You Can Have A Better Life".

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MEN WHO USE VIOLENCE (non Native Americans welcome)




Indigenous culture teaches us to be men in the same way the sky is in relationship to the earth: to provide a safe place for creation to thrive. As a tribal people, we hold a responsibility to honor and respect one another, acting without violence, anger, or brutality – especially towards the ones we love.

Our history is not one without darkness. Western colonization brought with it destruction and disorder – our people were hunted, women and children beaten, raped, and treated without regards to humanity.

A lingering trauma exists among our people. The destruction of our traditional ways of life and the separation and removal of our family structure along with Western influence brought with it violent and abusive behaviors.

This is why we are here: to remind our brothers that there are better ways to resolve conflict and bring about healing by reclaiming and using our traditional teachings to heal our community one man at a time.

North Carolina continued:
New Options for Violent Actions

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.Proverbs 16:24

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