Original work by MJ Vess, (c) 2020

In the summer of 2018, I began writing these Healing Hearts posts for my connections on Social Media. The idea being, if I could help just one person make a better decision toward how they treat their significant other, all the time to create the posts would be worth it. Two years later I finished with a little over 300 unique posts! I was nervous to share them at first because they all had a Biblical verse attached and most of the posts I saw were more corporate related. I realized But This IS My Business! VictoryLife House is my incorporation! It just happens to also be faith based. So I posted, getting hundreds of views and a few beautiful, loyal followers along the way. I put the compilation of two years worth of work into one document that you will find below. Someday, I hope to have an actual devotional made, but until then, I hope you enjoy the devotional as is. Please send any feedback to me (form down below eBook), and keep coming back! I love that you have visited with me today! MJ

Made for a man, but true enough for a woman.

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