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Mecklenburg County, NC


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About the Course

Chapter 1 – Me, Myself & Inc. – The Three Aspects of You • Chapter 2 – Life Synergy • Chapter 3 - Your Goals, Your Values & You • Chapter 4 – Your Values = Living Your Life • Chapter 5 – Your Goals = Your Ultimate Life • Chapter 6: Whose Goals Are They? • Chapter 7: Aligning Values and Goals • Chapter 8: Find a Way or Make a Way • Chapter 9: Don’t Feel Guilty About Making Life Easier for Yourself • Chapter 10: Be Open to All Possible Resources, Options and Support • Chapter 11: If Only I Had More Confidence • Chapter 12: If Only I Had More Choices, Fewer Choices • Chapter 13: If Only I Had More Money • Chapter 14: If Only I Had More Time • Chapter 15: If Only I Had More Support • Chapter 16: Fear of Success • Chapter 17: Fear of Failure • Chapter 18: Fear of Losing Control • Chapter 19: Fear of Taking Risks • Chapter 20: Fear of Being Ordinary • Chapter 21: Fear of Letting Go • Chapter 22: The Power of Purpose • Chapter 23: The Power of HOPE • Chapter 24: Short-term & Long-Term Insights• Chapter 25: Your Action Plan: The Power of CAN DO


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