MJ is the creator and visionary behind VictoryLife House and her heart is to help women who ask, “Now what?” after struggling through domestic abuse. Welcome to the Beauty from Ashes Program! MJ, in partnership with Percell Rivere St Thomass, has created the following Q&A on domestic abuse, the effects of domestic abuse, and how to overcome the obstacles that the trauma you experienced created.

Percell is a spiritual wellness counselor / life coach / motivational speaker / mental health clinician with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He understands the power of “The Triune Mind”, and like MJ, has overcome much. Together they share their experiences, triumphs, and fails, and how they overcame. We hope you take the time to share their insights with those you love, but always remembering to take care of yourself, too, because…YOU have value. YOU are worthy. And YOU are loved.          601.329.5808

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